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Digital Natives and the Virtual Classroom.

There is a whole generation of digital natives going through graduate schools of education. Don't waste time trying to teach old dogs. Develop relationships with every good grad school in the country. Promote funding for thesis and dissertation research and application. There has been a revolution in what we know about how we know and how we accommodate and assimilate new information. Incorporate it with new technologies. Don't try to do the same old thing online.


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    Can you provide some real world examples of where people are doing new things online in Professional Development?

    What kind of thesis and dissertation research and application should be supported? What specifically should those projects be working on?

    Any additional detail on your idea would be very helpful for the FCC! (I'm the education director there, and we are trying to listen closely to this website and the public!).

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    dennis ( Idea Submitter )

    D:\drice\articles\The Technology Source Archives - Carving a New Path for Distance Education Research.htm


    This may be a helpful resource.

    Carving a New Path for Distance Education Research

    by David P. Diaz

    Note: This article was originally published in The Technology Source ( as: David P. Diaz "Carving a New Path for Distance Education Research" The Technology Source, March/April 2000.

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    I do not believe we should ignore the "old dogs." Many veteran teachers seek out "new tricks" throughout their teaching careers and are regular explorers of newer opportunities to learn using broadband-facilitated web connections. Only a multi-pronged approach will draw in both experienced educators and more adventurous (but less experienced) teachers. Each brings an important perspective to any discussion. The enthusiastic comments of blogging novice/classroom experienced teachers on the "The Best Resource for Me Is Other Teachers" referenced below is very typical of may willing teachers who could be written off as "old dogs."

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    Well said, cshively. I know a lot of older teachers who are totally committed to using new techniques that some younger teachers aren't yet exploring (sometimes the younger teachers are too busy trying to just get their lessons together, to be able to spend time with more advanced techniques).

    Writing anyone off who wants to participate in new techniques for innovative teacher and learning is a big mistake. "In cyber space, no one can see your grey hair."

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    Old dogs and old cats can be professionally developed. It will be interesting when this generation of digital natives gets older. I am neither a digital native or an immigrant and I am a teacher. I am a digital pioneer , now working in new fields, but saddened at the idea that few people are really interested in teaching , making possible technical and academic fluency for teachers in classrooms. There has been a eight year gap while people scrambled to do

    NCLB and that has been a problem for teachers in service. Time to do a nation sharing of best practice ideas but there are so many places calling for information and so little effective practice that teachers have been exposed to.

    Some new ideas are T-Pack( Judi Harris_ and the digitalization of

    Blooms taxonomy, and the ideas going toward the future... educators

    teaching problem solving, collaboration and Super computing.

    Young teachers, new teachers , collaborations, with learning places such as museums, and 4 H , we all need to teach for America , not the program but the idea of going forward into the future armed with the teaching skills that are needed. Ignore a teacher and reduce the effect the thing you teach can have as a multiplied effort. It is way over due that fluidity in technology is a skill that teachers need.

    Bonnie Bracey Sutton

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