Moodle is the best platform for teaching and learning via broadband. It is effective as an online only tool and also as an organizer for face to face bricks and mortar classrooms. It incorporates blogs, wikis and most every kind of media, and it has security features for p-12 applications.


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    Could you describe a little bit about how Moodle works as an online-only tool? I'm reasonably familiar with its capability to organize learning practice as it relates to in-person instruction. But how is it used in on-line only environments? As detailed as you can be would be appreciated, though I realize that there's always search engines to figure this out too! Thanks Steve

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    danmcguir ( Idea Submitter )

    The only difference between online only and in-person as far as Moodle is concerned is that you wouldn't be able to do any explaining or instructing in-person. The software is identical either way. Moodle actually started as an online only tool and then was adopted by in-person instructors because it works so well either way. There's more than enough info about Moodle available at http://moodle.org/. Go there and search on Moodle history and you'll get a better version than I can write here.

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    Bob Calder

    I have used Moodle for ages. It would be the obvious choice for deploying LMS in this situation.

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    Jan Zanetis

    Moodle rocks! The thing I like about it, besides the cost, is that other great edu apps integrate with it and it is so user friendly. Even teachers with limited tech skills get the hang of it pretty quickly.

    Jan Zanetis

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