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No One Technology

I like Ning, I like Moodle, I like computers... I don't think this should be a conversation about what application is better than another but about making sure the FCC is aware of all of them and how they benefit all learners. I'm a firm believer that a blended model is best...use the technology and application that fits the current learning task.


One technology I think that is rarely mentioned and very powerful in connecting students to people and resources is h323 videoconferencing. This is the "killer app" for broadband technologies. About 30% of US schools already have this technology in house (Wainhouse Research, 2009). What better way to connect kids to kids across the globe to solve real world problems? See for an example of best practice. Here again, I am not advocating JUST video, but consider it a strong partner in a multimedia approach to problem based learning that may incorporate LMS's such as Ning or Moodle, web-based video (for one on one talking head type activities) and Web 2.0 apps as appropriate. See my attached slide.


Steve, Thanks for getting this conversation going!



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