Supercomputing and the future of technology

I attended the FCC meetings. I am concerned about the continuing digital divide, the technology divide and the academic divide.


In particular, I do not see that the educators discussing the problem have much of an idea about Supercompting. I tis here. We who work with the research communities know that it is coming and we participate in the use of data mining, creating models and visualization and using programs such as agent sheets and Vensim and other

programs such as Maya, .. etc. That cannot be done on a low level of broadband . We who use Teragrid allocations and who work within the NCSA EOT program are aware and worried that those educators who are only thinking toward 2.0

will compromise work in the future that is expansive computational modeling.


We use products of supercomputing a lot , it is just that to most of us it not a known subject, or discipline.

Some curriculum models are at, and there are of course many programs that we use.


With the development of the use of technology there was never a plan to disseminate training for teachers, so in Washington DC, there are teachers who have never been on Email, and are not aware of the vast resources that the use of broadband can bring.


I do professional development for teachers and there are many rural areas where the best programs on the Internet cannot be used because of the lack of broadband.


We discovered and invented this technology. THere are countries in which the whole country is on fast broadband as an economic decision. What about us?


Finally the paperwork to get E rate is so difficult that I had a friend who would not go to the hospital to get treatment for his medical condition because he felt that no one could master the paperwork. He died. It should not be an ordeal to complete the paperwork.


Bonnie Bracey Sutton



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