Uses for Broadband by a teacher

I am commenting by giving a typical unit I would do research on using the internet as a teacher.


Unit on a Shakespeare play by a 6th and 7th grade teacher.


1. I would use the internet as a research tool, i.e. researching Shakespeare through sites like the Folger’s Library

2. I would order books of the text on-line and be able to not only compare prices but research which book is best for my age group.

3. I would find videos of the play. (I sent this to a friend and got 2 great videos recommended already)

4. I would use the internet to order materials, i.e. for bulletin boards

5. I hope your plan would give me the ability to “converse” with another teacher about how Shakespeare can be taught to this age group.

6. I hope your plan would allow me, and other educators, to self-publish and be a source for other teachers.

7. I am hoping this plan would allow the possibility of forming forums for discussion, like:

A. How to organize the unit.

B. Materials that would help in the teaching of the unit.

C Areas to be explored within the unit

D. How to motivate a student or students to enjoy and learn from the unit.

E. Possible cross-curriculum ideas for teaching the unit:

1.) Art:

a. Costume design and construction

b. Design and construction of sets

2.) History

a. History of Shakespeare

b. World history around Shakespeare’s time

c. Shakespeare through the ages until today



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