XO-like network

It seems to me that the OLPC project is a proper exemplar for broadband access in the U.S.


In the OLPC model, the students' laptops create an ad hoc network that extends the school's LMS and allows children to communicate with teachers and other students outside the classroom. Extended teacher contact is one of the hallmarks of an excellent education as is access to resources in the home.


While the 'hardware digital divide' is more a matter of adoption today, broadband access is a very real and pressing problem. Handheld devices that leverage telecom accounts are not adequate as a primary learning platform. A 'bandwidth digital divide' solution could provide a springboard to thousands of underpriveleged children helping to create a richer envronment for learning.


As Negroponte says of the OLC project, it is not a technology project. It is a learning/education project. The XO itself is irrelevant except to the extent that it uses a mesh P2P that extends the single central node model OLPC uses due to the small communities it serves. This model may not be necessary or desirable in the U.S. Extending learning time and teacher contact are desirable.



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